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About Us

OMG! 420 Mix | Delta 9 THC

OMG! 420 Mix is one of the finest Delta 9 Baking Products Infused CBD hemp companies that is powered by CBDism, our parent company. Nevertheless, our mission is to provide affordable hemp-derived options for consumers across the world. We strive to offer hemp products that are eco-friendly, healthy, and can often replace Delta 9 THC-based products.

Each batch is crafted with Delta 9 THC Nano isolate to ensure premium quality in each baking experience!

Delta 9 THC Nano Profile

Our in-house scientists have perfected our Delta 9 Baking products terpene profile. Our proprietary blend includes subtle notes that will leave a very desired after-taste. Internally, our team is constantly doing research and development on different nano profiles. Our Delta 9 THC Edibles are infused with a 420 culture mindset but mixed with modern Delta 8 Nano materials| #OMG!420Mix

Delta 8 THC

Delta 9 THC Edibles

There are several characteristics present in all Delta 9 THC edible baking products that make them stand out above the rest. First, the products do not have much of a harsh kick due to our proprietary nano Delta-9. Second, it’s tastier than Delta 9 Gummies. Finally, the aroma is delicious – almost too delicious; making OMG! 420 Mix the premier choice of Delta 9 Chocolate edibles.

OMG! 420 Mix | THC Edibles

We source year-round from indoor grow operations that ensure your OMG! 420 Mix products will remain fresh. Our indoor hemp flower is 100% organic, soil-grown, stacked vertically to maximize volume, staggered bi-weekly harvests for constant fresh flower, and the end product is absolutely fresh. This is then processed into compliant nano-emulsified baking powder to keep your kitchen filled with fresh baked goods!

OMG! 420 Mix has a focus on the curing process of each batch of Brownie mix. This ensures long-term quality & consistency with the baking process.

Delta-8 THC

Delta 8 THC Edibles

Δ9 Industry

We believe that all brands need to come together to offer transparent-reliable options for everyone on the market. Each pack of OMG! 420 Mix baking products is inspected for quality as we hope to never leave a client or consumer unsatisfied. As a result, working together we can make a difference globally as one | OMG! 420 Mix

OMG! 420 Mix is committed to quality, transparency, and compliance standards dictated by governing agencies across the world.

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